Which VGA cable for connecting a JS box to my Panasonic?

I have been on a two week business trip and I know that my JS back is waiting for me when i get back home.

I have a spare VGA-VGA cable that came with my Iiyama PC monitor, which I intend to use for now.

What cables are people using?

I have seen a VDC cable in CPC for 15 quid which seems good value, but considering that the Iiyama cable is designed for use at 100hz and greater and the Plasma works at a lower frequency, I wonder if there will be a significant improvement using a better VGA cable.

Any info would be appreciated



Hi Jon,

I bought a VDC cable from Dr John same time as I ordered my JS RGB - VGA box.

Although I haven't tested it yet John assures me it is better than the superior VGA cables he also sells. I don't know if it is better than the cable you have.

As with everything about plasmas, I wouldn't skimp on the cable as the image will only be as good as the weakest link ;-)

I got mine from Lindy

it was about £28 and has gold connectors, fairly decent cable for that price


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Hi folks,

anyone know where Icould invest in a digital cable to connect my graphics card on my Pc to my plasma ( input 5 on the MXE)??



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How come gold plated, Oxygen free copper (whatever advantage that gives) 1.5M 3phono-3phono leads are only about 12 quid in Maplins? Are we just being ripped off for £30 in hifi dealers or do the ones they sell e.g. Bandridge, give genuinely better picture quality?


Hi RedRose,

I did a bit of reading a while back on cables, apparently Oxygen Free Copper means there will be less corrosion on the copper therefore a better signal through it.



I very much doubt you will better the cable that came with your Iiyama - part of the premium you pay on their monitors (and I'm using one right now) is for the better interconnects - the cable to mine is properly shielded and has ferrite rings at both ends- which many of the so called upgrade cables don't have.
If you need a longer run then it might be worth it. Otherwise probably not.
BTW the higher the frequency you run your display at, the more susceptible to noise it is. Therefore a cable designed to run at bandwidths like 350MHz should be better screened than one designed for 100MHz - for economic reasons.


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Got mine from Joe Fernand same time as the 433. Not cheap mind - about £80 for 3M. Works very well, but still can't decide if it's better than component from a very good set top player. Except of course all output from the PC including PAL is PS.

Do a search under DVI and you will find other suppliers, but can't vouch for quality.

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