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I am building a home theatre in my living room.
Here are the no compromise items:

Screen: ALR Vividstorm 120" Drop Down

Speakers: Sonos Arc, Base, 2 SL one.

Now for the projector:

The room requires it to be mounted on the ceiling. I've obsessively measured and the room layout makes it too tight even as an UST on the ground, Plus little kid on the way, cat and dog. Out of reach is nice.

Movies are the intended use and to hook my laptop up to it to stream is l would say a must over getting a fire stick etc. I eventually would like to cough* t*rrent movies onto it. It may not get the 4k but I have a ps5 coming soon so that can definitely handle it.

I'm looking for something that has excellent picture quality, native 4k. I don't care about internal speakers since I'll be using Sonos.

So to wrap up,
Ceiling mount capable
Native 4k
Low laser noise
Doesn't need good internal speakers
HDMI arc
Low game lag

(Budget 4k)

Thinking about Vava, I've changed my mind about Samgsung Premier. Maybe the BenQ but not sure about the IO capabilities.

Any thoughts?


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Now I could be wrong but I'm sure most of the DLP UST projectors use Texas Instruments 0.47 DMD which although it can display 4k via a clever system isn't actually a native 4k projector like the Sony and JVC rear projection units

So, this opens up a few options to you if you are looking at this solution from Optoma, Hisense or BenQ plus a few other options. The DMD chip is a very well received chipset and creates a realistic 4k experience even though its not native

Most have been design to work on a TV cabinet like the Hisense comes with its own ALR, I'm sure the Optoma can be mounted on the ceiling. You will find that many of them also include a built-in soundbar plus (not really idea if you are mounting the projector on the ceiling), but thankfully you do not need to use the built-in sound solution if you want to create a much larger sound experience

As for the lag time, because most as all on your list are designed around the 0.47 DMD chipset, they should all have similar lag times for gaming. The only other option is from Epson (Which uses a 0.67 chip of their own design (as yet not a 4k solution))

Regarding which one is best, I feel most will be similar as they are based around same Texas Instruments DMD chipset with tweaks like lens quality and extra levels of calibration delivering the difference

I've seen both the Optoma and Hisense units and can say that the black detail on the Hisense is marginally better, but both for UST are extremely good and equally surprised me as the previous versions of UST projectors were a little less inspiring to my eyes (these were FHD units and not the latest laser 4k units)


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I had not seen the Hisense models. I'll check them out. I'm looking into the Vava Chroma right now. Kind of an interest point in it's development in the market right now. Crowd funded and only selling off one site, probably means shipping will have a grace period. But for something supposedly comparable to a Premier or LG. It may be worth a second look

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