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Which upgrade path?

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by udmrts, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. udmrts


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    I currently have a Sony speaker setup with fronts which can't go down 50 Hz and struggles to perform at low frequencies when set to large. And I really like bass. Another thing is there is'nt a center channel in the Sony range I use, so I have a second hand another brand center. So, I want to replace my current setup. I have two options about speaker setup. Wharfedale Diamond 8 (8.4s, 8.1s and center) for 340 Euros, or used Sony older X series speaker setup (which obviously has better build quality and drivers than my setup) for 375 Euros. 8.4s can go down to 30 Hz. Sony's 35 Hz.

    My receiver is Sony STR DE 485. I want to replace it with a (second hand) Sony 940 or new 790. I don't know if 485 will be sufficient when I add a sub.

    There aren't a lot of budget subs to choose from here in Turkey but the ones I consider are: Wharfedale Powercube 12 A. Around 200 Euros. 12" and 150 watts. Downfiring. Sony SA WM 500. Around 220 Euros. 12" and 150 watts. Frontfiring. (Wharfedales are priced in dollars which is depreciated against euro, so these prices are actually very good.)

    So, actually I want to change my receiver, my speaker setup and buy a sub but can't afford all at the same time.

    Being on a tight budget, shall I buy a sub first and see what changes. In that case which one do you think?

    Or which upgrade path shall I follow in order to minimize the amount of money I spend?


    Thanks. :)
  2. Pat Marcus

    Pat Marcus
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    Oct 29, 2004
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    have a look for the excellent Whafedale SW150

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