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I'm after a decent 40"LCD for about £1500. Prefferably with a couple of HDMI sockets,scart sockets and component.

What would you guys recommend? Are Sony still the top dog followed by Samsung?

Also what are the viewing angles like on the 40" 's?

I'll be wanting to watch football and play console games on it (PS3/XBox 360) so it'll need to have a good response time etc.

Oh DTT built in would be nice but not really a must.



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my one(in my sig) ticks those boxes and at less than £900 (and it's 1080p and 42")


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make sure it's 100Hz (sport / gaming) - this will give you good repsonse times with reduced ghosting (motion blur).

should be able to get a decent 720p, 100Hz Sony for that sort of price (!!) (KDL40D3000) for under £1000 inc delivery (even John Lewis are only asking £1400!!).

if you can hold off for a month or two and are keen to blow the full £1500 (and more).... then the BIG boys will come out to play...

Philips and Tosh will have their 1080p 100Hz screens out that are not only genuine 1080p resolutions, but absolutely LOADED with features (record to pendrive / usb-hdd, NIC access, webbrowser, etc) - Tosh will be pushing Sony on the features/price and Philips will probably be ahead on quality and features, but you'll have to pay for it.

I think the approx release dates for these are:

Philips Sept
Tosh Oct
Sony Nov

u can pre-order the Philips 37PFL9732D for about £1400, RRP is £1800, not sure there is a 40, but I can see info an a 42" that's around £1600 on the net.

Zettavolt are indicating that some are already available, but I think these are pre-order options.

Correct me if I'm wrong - 40" is not my area at all :)


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Dognosh's TV is pretty good (and awesome for the money), but for sport / gaming, it's worth going for the 100Hz stuff:

Either 720p 100Hz or wait a bit for the 1080p 100Hz TV's: Tosh Z-series looks like it's going to lead the field on features and price!


WRT to which makes (prepares himself for a flaming) - these are in no partcualr order, but these are the makes I would seriosuly consider:

Sony - as always, the steadfast, slightly pricier, but worth it end of the spectrum. You could re-hash the "nobody ever got fired for buying IBM" for these guys...

Panasonic - "interesting" and provided you pick you models carefully, the right ones can be VERY good, especially for the 32" market - but only Plasma's for 37"+.... but when they're good, they also have some of the best screens out there and their new PZ (plasma) series promises to be a cracker.... not so good if you're "LCD only"... plasma would be better for sports, but 100Hz LCD better for gaming.

Toshiba Market leaders when it came to 100Hz (M100), those models are now looking very dated (WL'68 series) - suffering from slightly dubious black levels mostly. Their new models (50Hz) are looking like they mean business and their new 100Hz screens are promising to rock everybody's world again (albeit very smoothly ;))...

Philips Another "interesting" one... very often market leaders in terms of picture quality and features. But because of their prices (high!), they aren't as mainstream as Sony, so lacking in reviews - althgouh what is out there tends to be very favourable. Another big drag (yet again, because of their prices) is that a lot of shops are reluctant to stock the lastest models because they're still struggling to get rid of the models from 2 years ago (which are STILL expensive).

Samsung Probably bottom of my short-list right at the moment, due to their slightly blingy styling (smoothed piano black) and over-saturated colours not being to my tastes, but a lot of their older models were genuinely brilliant and I'm sure they'll bounce back very soon - worth watching.

LG Similar to Samsung, but these guys were probably market leaders (picture quality, features and value) a year or two ago, but seem to have temporarilly dropped the ball. I've not looked too closely at them recently, but I know they've been flamed in a few reviews - most probably because of the standards they were setting a year or two ago!

Samsung and LG probably both have v good products in the pipeline and a lot of their older stuff is very good, but from what I've seen in show rooms recently, they're simply not to my tastes.

From what I've seen of JVC and Hitachi, they don't seem to be offering much for what they're charging... you'd be better off with a Hanspree / Goodmans / Bush and at least not have to part with too much money for the TV. The Hanspree's have come up for a fair amount of praise at the seriosly budget end of the spectrum, but yet to look too closely at them.

Not sure if I've missed any obvious ones off?

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