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My current Samsung H6400 is now over 7 years old and it's time for a change. I've been reading reviews, RTings and here over the last couple of days and I think I've narrowed it down to 1 of these 3:
  • Lg OLED55BX6LB
  • Sony BRAVIA KD55XH9505BU
  • Sony BRAVIA KE55XH9005BU
The TV is going on the longest wall where the sofa the wife primarily sits and faces directly. I'm usually off to the side at an approximate 47 degree viewing angle to center of the screen, which tends to favour the OLED. With a new baby on the way and the potential for hours of mindless children's TV, the burn-in risk is something which pops up as a potential downside, despite the low reported instances. It'll be use typically for watching sports, TV and film and will potentially look at a next gen console next year. The room can also get a bit bright earlier in the day but nothing a quick tilt of the blinds can't fix.
The lack of HDMI 2.1 on the XH95 shouldn't bother me but if I end up keeping the TV for a long period, not having the latest standard at time of purchase again weighs on my mind slightly and the poor viewing angles of the XH90 from my typical seating position sways me away from that. There's also the fact the 2021 Sony's are Google TV vs Android TV and I doubt they'll get an update to the new OS.

They all seem to have a downside and factoring in the costs does adjust things the XH90 (719) is currently the cheapest, followed by the XH95 (839)then the OLED (899).
My main thing is going to be the longevity, i.e. which is likely going to serve me best for at least 5 years as the best all rounder.

If I had to pick now it would likely be the XH95 as it does seem to tick most of the boxes but welcome any input on the others!


If you want to use the TV for kids TV I'd say an OLED is basically a no-go. Which is a shame because its the only TV that will give you as good picture quality at your viewing angle compared to head on.

Other option would be to buy an OLED together with extra insurance from John Lewis that covers burn in.

Probably the Sony XH9505 is best suited for you with its wide viewing angle filter. Its viewing angles should be a little better than your current TV. 47 degrees is really pushing it for an LCD TV though and I'm surprised you find that tolerable on your H6400.


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I can only assume I've measured the viewing angle wrong (degrees from centre of TV with centre being 0), I've attached a photo of the current setup (both positions) as I'm not convinced it's right as there doesn't seem to be too much difference imo.


There's no chance of getting oled and the insurance on top. The missus is questioning the need for a new TV full stop so I'm massively pushing my luck at the xh95...


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I never noticed it before but can see it now…
Was never a problem before we moved as we had a long rather than a wide lounge. There’s been some good offers on the LG BX too which is what drew me to it but the risk was to great (annoyingly JL have stopped selling it too).
XH95 it is. I doubt I’m ever going to benefit from hdmi 2.1

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