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Hi, I am looking for a TV for a Home Cinema Project that we will purchase next year. I already have the sound for it, adn everything else, now I need the visual. I won't lie, I'm no expert on TV's, but know of the major technologies available now. I don't want a projector, due to the wiring, and I don't want to replaster or anything, plus I'm 14, and my mum doesn't fancy it. Anyway, it will be used for TV, Blu-Ray and Xbox 360 gaming. I'm looking to spend around £1,000, but can go over by about £200 if necessary. Requirements are 1080p HD, and a screen size above 42". I'm not really interested in 3D, but I've seen LED tv's from both Samsung and Panasonic, and was rather amazed by the picture quality, so would like that, though it's not a requirement.

As I said, I know nothing of TV's really, so would really appreciate your more experienced input.
Can you help on this matter?


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