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Hi , i'm new to this looking for a new telly stuff, it just seems so much to look at. After doing a lot of looking about i have got it down to 2 different sets that might be what i want and price is also a restricting matter. Anyway the two models i'm looking at are the Toshiba 32WLT66 and the Samung LE32R74BDX. if i can i would try and stretch to the 37" versions. Does anyone have any advice as to which would be the best or even a different option.


Toshiba is also about £50 cheaper than the Samsung at the moment.

The Bravia sets carry a £300 extra premium over the Samsung's so I'd say it's not worth considering if you are on a budget.

Samsung use the same S-PVA panels as Sony so you will get the same good black levels (1300:1 contrast ratio) and wide viewing angles but Samsung displays do suffer when being fed lower quality SD resolution footage like Freeview or standard Sky as the Image processing is nowhere near as good as Sony's Bravia.

Toshiba has been criticised for poor black levels in its larger sets, only 800:1 contrast ratio for the 42” and a reasonable 1000:1 for the 37”. The 32” has a respectable 1200:1 contrast ratio and may handle SD sources a bit better. Another factor is that the Toshiba’s cannot do 1:1 pixel mapping to it’s full native resolution over the VGA port. This will only be an issue if you need to connect a PC or XBOX 360.

I’d suggest going down the store and looking at both sets to see which one you prefere.

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Samsung may use the same screen as Sony but the CR won't be the same. Also, the real CR of Toshiba is around 600:1 but the Sony has around 1000:1.

You shouldn't be looking at CR as it means nothing as consumer CRT's CR is lower then that of PDP and LCD.

Contrast ratio doesn't determine color fidelity or level of sharpness. Those are determent by the display, input type and contend.

Do you know how LCD and PDP able to achieve very high contrast, well it's simple? They set the brightness, contrast and backlight to maximum (e.g. LCD 600cd/m2 and PDP 1200cd/m2) and measure the white, then lower the contrast, brightness and backlight to measure the black (LCD 0.3cd/m2 and PDP 0.2cd/m2). By doing so, they will achieve very high contrast ratio (LCD, 600 divided by .03 = 2000:1 and 1200 divided by 0.2 = 6000:1 for PDP). That's that reason why LCDs and PDPs have unusual high brightness, this helps to increase contrast ratio without having deep black. Unfortunately, you're not going to watch TV with settings set to max or min. This is where the true contrast ratio is exposed.

X360 doesn't to 1:1 pixel mapping via VGA. The X360 uses a video encoder, meaning the game could be render in 1280 x 720, the up-scaled to 1360 x 768. That's why X360's video quality is slightly blurred when compared to PC VGA.

PS: The 32" "S" BRAVIA is £810 (click here)


Thanks for the info's, At the price there the Bravia sounds a the best deal then the Toshiba, i will go check out the quality at my local shops for the final decision.

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