which tv to buy?


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right here goes...

im about to take the plunge and buy a new tv for the living room and upgrading from a crt (stop laughing) which has served me well for the past 8 years or so

trouble is i dont know what the best sets are to look at

ideally id like it to be a 46" or 50" set and i have a budget of around £800 and it will be used mostly for watching telly ....the odd blue ray (maybe 3 or 4 a week) and..in the future..a little bit of gaming. id prefer it to be 3d so it will be future proof for a good few years

still cant decide if led or plasma is better tho

been looking at the panasonics and particulary the p50st30 but i have noticed threads stating theres a green tinge issue with some panasonics and i dont really want to be getting the set changed every 6 months

today i have noticed a samsung ue46d6100 on sale in currys

anyone any ideas or suggestions cos my heads pickled trying to work out what to go for :confused:

many thanks in advance
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