Which TV to buy: Pioneer PDP-LX508D / Sony KDL52X2000U / LG 60PF95 or 52LY95 ??


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Hi Guys,

Not sure if it's proper etiquette to do so but given the strong opinions on both fronts (Plasma V's LCD) I've posted this message in both forum threads... I'm sorry in advance if this is incorrect and/or annoying to anybody.

I've currently got a 28" Toshiba TV (CRT) that I've been more than happy with.

Linked up to my Sony Sound System and my PS3 the sound and picture quality have been acceptable for sometime. But of course, since the arrival of my PS3 I've had this growing (considerably) nagging issue in the back of my head about upgrading my TV to a flat-screen, wall mounted (out of reach of my 2.5 year old old boy - not to mention my 3 week old who's gonna get tall enough to fiddle with the current TV just as the 2.5 year old cottons on that it's not the way to win Daddy over :rolleyes:) LCD or Plasma TV.

Anyhow, I spotted the the Sony Bravia KDL52X2000U in the local Sony Store displaying some kind of Fly-Fishing video and was blown away by the picture quality... at the time I'm sure it was approaching £5,000 for the TV, which I just can't stretch to, but another recent visit and it's down to £3999 and I've found it cheaper still (£2766.59) online.

I was almost ready to get my cheque book out - so to speak - and made the fatal mistake of looking to see what other models are around from different manufacturers... now my heads-a-spinning with facts, figures and pound signs and I can't make up my mind whether to go for the TV that I originally "fell in love with" or take the gamble and go for another make/model which by most accounts are fairly comparable but a little cheaper.

The models I'm considering, including the lowest prices I've found them for are:

Pioneer - PDP-LX508D - £3,176.85 (50")
Sony - KDL52X2000U - £2,766.59 (52")
LG - 60PF95 - £2,519.99 (60")
LG - 52LY95 - £2,455.99 (52")

Apart from the rather emotional arguments I've been reading relating to whether to choose Plasma or LCD does anyone have any first-hand experience to call on and advise me accordingly which one may be the best to go for.

My requirements/conditions are as follows:

Budget: £2,500 to £3,000
Screen: 50" plus
Screen: 1080p
Location: Wall mounted in lounge
Usage: Will replace main household TV (E.g. everyday use ranging from Movies (PS3 & Sky+ [not Sky HD yet]), Games (PS3) and the whole range of CBeebies, Boomerang, Disney Channel etc for Kids)

The reviews of individual sets that I've found are from HomeCinemaChoice.com and are as follows:

Pioneer - PDP-LX508D
The review is of the 508XD. I understand the XD is 1080i but that the 508D is 1080p. Presumably the 1080p version is not going to be any worse than the 1080i version?

Picture: *****
Sound: ****
Features: *****
OVERALL: *****

Sony - KDL52X2000U
The review is of the 46" version but presumably the 52" is going to be no worse?

Picture: ****1/2
Sound: ****
Features: *****
OVERALL: ****1/2

LG - 60PF95
Picture: *****
Sound: ***1/2
Features: ****
OVERALL: ****1/2

LG - 52LY95
No reviews found

These results obviously place the Pioneer Plasma (1080i) ahead of the Sony and LG (1080p's) which I'm assuming means the Pioneer Plasma 1080p will be superior still.

However... for some (possibly marketing influenced) reason I'm still drawn back to the Sony every time...

Que you guys... comments... suggestions... please?




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Hiya i'm still a novice on these forum's but I have the Sony 52X and am more than happy with it the picture quality is excellent and after fiddling with the setting's I have managed to get it spot on with just about any input inc Standard definition.Hope this help's.


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That is the Pioneer I've short-listed yes... my apologies, I'd quoted the incorrect price of the 508xd (1080i version) in my original post.

I've corrected this now.

Hi Sanjit - Thanks for the feedback... I have to say that I keep remembering that Fly-Fishing video I saw in the Sony shop... it sounds boring (unless you're in to fly-fishing I guess) but the colours and clarity of the picture were just phenomenal... It'd be useful to be able to play the same video on all my shortlisted screens at once but that's either going to really frustrate a specialist store (as they're likely to not be able to get in range of the online prices I've found and would have to spend a fair bit of time with me... OR... become a very expensive do of buying all of them, trying all them, and then returning the ones I don't like... not to mention time consuming and of course the fact that I'll probably not get my money back once I open each box :rolleyes:



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