Which Tv Should i Buy? Low input gaming


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Hi guys decided to buy a new tv have a budget of around 500 and so far ive come up with two i like which are the Samsung UE40MU6400 or the LG 43UJ701V which is available at currys for 499. I want to use the tv primarily to play ps4 and just to watch general tv. From what i can tell the better spec seems to be the Lg tv but the samsung seems to have good reviews for gaming so before i take the plunge can anyone suggest a better alternative or the best one of these two? Thank you


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I am in the same boat and also have my eye on the UE40MU6400. Be interested to hear any feedback from any owners out there.

Main use will be for use with my PS4 Pro. I appreciate it's a bit on the small side for a 4k TV, however I will be sat pretty close to it in my man cave.


Should at least have a wide colour gamut and high contrast panel for better colours with HDR. Everything else HDR related will poor. No local dimming, no high brightness for highlights but you have too spend more for that.

Main drawbacks will be 3:2 pulldown judder with films but most people won't notice that.

Other will be related to price, but that's true for any 2017 model. If you can find last year's KU6400 instead for less that will be better value.

LG LCDs are best avoided unless you need wide viewing angles.


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Thank you for response i had a look at last years KU6400 but it is pretty much the same price as the MU6400. I cant seem to find any reviews for the lg model and no info on input lag so i think i will opt for the samsung anything else in this price range worth looking at?


Strictly speaking up to 43"the tv to beat really is last year's Samsung 43KS7500. It's the only tv at that size to have more than only better colours with HDR. It actually meets UHD premium specs for HDR.

Below that there won't be much difference between the Samsung and others but generally the Sony 43XD80xx was the 'best of the rest'. (Current Sony XE80xx has a worse contrast panel)

Then if you care about not having 3:2 pulldown judder there is the DX700. (New ex700 currently very overpriced).

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