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    I am looking at getting an lcd (or a plasma - still not sure) for a new place.

    Amongst the other dilemmas of which type of display to go for, which model, how much money to spend etc etc I also am not sure about the size.

    I've been looking at 37 inch as the minimum - 32 just doesn’t seem very impressive. But I've also got or had 40s and 42s on my shortlist.

    The 37s are a toshiba full hd lcd (the xv550 I think) and the much-loved it seems hd ready pansasonic px80 plasms. Also the a656 samsung but that is bit too much money ideally.

    42 would be px80 again or possibly the full hd pz80.

    Can think what the 40s were at present but any recommendation (£700 max) welcome

    Sources will be as follows:
    50% sd tv - freeview initially but soon either standard sky or freesat
    10% hd tv - not straight away but in time freesat hd I envisage
    10% blu ray via ps3
    30% ps3 for games (this is leaning me towards lcd as I don’t want to have to be too worried about image retention etc.

    The room is not massive so viewing distance would be max 5ft I would guess at - there is a picture of a similar room attached.

    I am thinking that a 1080p 37 or especially a 1080p 42 would be better suited at this distance due to being closer to the screen. But would 42, or even 37 be too big, in people's opinions?

    Also, with sd picture, will 42, or even the 37 be too big at that distance to be able to result in even half decent pictures.


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