Which TV has the most natural picture?


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I have had my 32PW9616 for about 9 months now and I have had enough of it. But I have also had enough of all other 100Hz TV's I have seen out in the stores. They all wreck the picture completely.

Let me clarify that I think Pixel Plus, DRC and such are a big joke and I want to stay as far away from all such fluff as I can. Since I do not leave contrast at torch level, fluff such as SVM is about as useful to me as the plague. My old RPTV was razor sharp (after I adjusted the focus and convergence), 50Hz analog, and 100% free of fluff. I had it for 10 years before it gave up. I miss that picture quality so much. I want back.

What I want is a completely neutral picture. I do not want any 'enhancement' at all! No Duckburg effects (dark outlines around objects) and full resolution color. This means I must step back to 50Hz, but I also want reasonably stable geometry and proper looking RGB where contrast and brightness can be properly adjusted.

But at the same time I know I have to be very careful, as 50Hz is budget land now.

My mother's cheap 8 year old 28" Sanyo is about to give up but it's so sharp compared to my set. Some people I know got a new 32" Philips (I do not recall the model number), which of course has a curved tube and the RGB flaw, but aside from that the picture quality was sweet. It didn't even have SVM.

What would be the best choice for a 50Hz 32" 16:9 set, with a flat face screen, if I want a neutral picture?

Thanks in advance. :)


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Sony 50Hz are excellent - look at the DX40


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I can second that.

I went through the hell of choosing a new widescreen TV last December and eventually ended up with a Sony KD32DX40.

After a couple of attempts at buying through the Internet (the first was a Philips 32PW6006 with terrible crosstalk on it's SCARTs, the second a JVC 32WFT1 with NTSC moire and flicker) I ended up going to John Lewis in Edinburgh.

At the time they had a number of 100Hz sets on price match that worked out cheaper than the 50Hz set I bought. They even had the KD32DX40 set up beside a KD32DX100 so I was able to compare the same digital terrestrial signal on both sets. I tried to convince myself I liked the 100Hz picture more but I just couldn't do it.

The KD32DX40 seems able to resolve very good detail on it's RGB input (although it converts it into YUV internally) and it has the benefit of not applying SVM. You can also bypass SVM on the non-RGB inputs by selecting the "Movie" mode preset.

After using Video Essentials to "tame" the day-glo over-sharpened default picture settings I'm very happy with the results.

If you live in a part of the world where digital terrestrial isn't available the KV32LS35 is functionally very similar but has no digital tuner and "different" styling.



Having decided to replace our old 50hz Sony tv with a nice new widescreen set, we are in a very similar predicament.

We honestly do not know what to get as there is such a variation between the picture quality of the sets it is making choosing pretty hard. What we did notice was that the 50hz sets were far more capable of dipslaying a good picture from a bad feed than the 100hz sets. Should this be the case?

We noticed none of the flickering that seems to be the problem for many people here but is there anything else that could be described as a major difference between 50 and 100hz?

We are now swaying towards the Sony DX40 or possibly one of the new Panasonic DT range (with built-in sky receiver). Obviously your opinions on these would be a great help!

BTW Zacabeb, have you come to a decision yet?


Until recently I had a Hitachi 32 widescreen TV (rented), and it was 50Hz and gave a superb picture.

I have now changed to a 100Hz Samsung and have no trouble at all with the picture.

As has been said, proper contrast etc settings are vital and I switch off all other so called enhancements.

The convergence I check every few weeks and do any tweaks needed, but it holds its settings pretty well if you don't move the TV around.

I use RGB and Component in from my digibox and DVD respectively - sound goes to a separate surround audio system.

So I'm not sure it's the 100Hz that is the problem.

I certainly was not impressed with the Philips Pixel Perfect system in a demo in one of the big stores, but then you never know what the quality of the source material is like after it has been daisy chained around the store several times.

Certainly from the complaints on these pages, some new TVs are not cutting the mustard at all - but then I remember my first colour set in the mid sixties - nightmare or what!


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Make sure you get an IDTV with a widescreen TV though as PAL is only 14x9 letterboxed


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Sony KV-32LS60 is reduced " Duckberg " plain 100hz, has two RGB capable scarts and obviously no integrated DVB tuner.
Sony KV-32LS35 is 50hz, one RGB capable scart and if the flicker isn't an issue, has a really clear PQ.
Sony KV-32DX40 is a fantastic set but personally I can't watch 50hz flicker, no need to start the 100hz vs 50hz debate :cool: .
Loewe 32" televisions are the most natural, clear and vibrant in my opinion, but they are not at first glance as " sharp " as a Sony.

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