Which TV For XBox 360?


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Oct 3, 2005
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Which TV would you go for out of these 2 for XBox 360?

1) Samsung SP50L7HX 50" DLP


Pros - I can get it gor a couple of hundred more than the other TV
Huge screen

Cons- DLP i saw the rainbox effect

2) Sony KDLV32A12 32" LCD


Pros - Great picture (no rainbow)
Cons - Non that i know of?

What do you think. Im not too bothered about the huge size difference. Althought the DLP seems better value for money?
as you don't need fancy processing and bells and whistles for console use, why not get a cheaper very large LCD - plenty of posts on here about good internet rebranded stuff eg. 37 and 40 inchers from the likes of komplett.com
if you go over to the 'xbox and xbox 360' threads (gaming area) there is a discussion on this type of thing.
Hi Marty,

I've owned one for a while now and the only cons I can think of is the poor built in speaker. In fact I turned it off as I already have some nice Harmon Kardon speakers and subwoofer set. Knowing what I know now, I'd still have bought it, as I'm very happy. Can't say for xbox360, but PS2 looks damn fine.

However as mentioned above, if you don't need the bells I saw a very cheap 32" Video7 LCD (who?!) which even had progressive scan for about £700 a few months back.

Think of the future though. This TV will probably last you a lifetime and may not always be used for gaming, but maybe as a Tele even, one day in another room, in another house.. etc

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