Which TV For XBox 360?



Which TV would you go for out of these 2 for XBox 360?

1) Samsung SP50L7HX 50" DLP

Pros - I can get it gor a couple of hundred more than the other TV
Huge screen

Cons- DLP i saw the rainbox effect

2) Sony KDLV32A12 32" LCD

Pros - Great picture (no rainbow)
Cons - Non that i know of?

What do you think. Im not too bothered about the huge size difference. Althought the DLP seems better value for money?


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as you don't need fancy processing and bells and whistles for console use, why not get a cheaper very large LCD - plenty of posts on here about good internet rebranded stuff eg. 37 and 40 inchers from the likes of komplett.com


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if you go over to the 'xbox and xbox 360' threads (gaming area) there is a discussion on this type of thing.


Hi Marty,

I've owned one for a while now and the only cons I can think of is the poor built in speaker. In fact I turned it off as I already have some nice Harmon Kardon speakers and subwoofer set. Knowing what I know now, I'd still have bought it, as I'm very happy. Can't say for xbox360, but PS2 looks damn fine.

However as mentioned above, if you don't need the bells I saw a very cheap 32" Video7 LCD (who?!) which even had progressive scan for about £700 a few months back.

Think of the future though. This TV will probably last you a lifetime and may not always be used for gaming, but maybe as a Tele even, one day in another room, in another house.. etc

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