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I am looking for a new tv, 65" and around 1200€. I have had 2 OLED TV´s in the past but they do not "survive" our use, first one lasted 26 months before the panel was done, the second one lasted 22months, got a new panel from LG, moved it to the bedroom and now i am looking for a new tv for the livingroom.
We watch tv shows, streaming services and a lot of gaming(PS5). Our livingroom is not so bright.

I have been to the local electronics store looking at TV´s and they all look great in the store and the sellers think every tv is great.
Why is choosing a new TV so hard?
I have looked at the Sony XH90 and the X90J, Samsung QN85A and Q90T, TCL C82.
Any other recomendations?

Thank you


With LCD TVs you need to reach models that have both good local dimming + high nits output for HDR. So from your list of TVs only really the Q90T is suitable.

The Sony XH95 is the alternative from 2020 ranges.

2021 models like the X90J tend to be overpriced having just been released. The new QN85A is not suited for darker room use due to its IPS panel..going to that TV from an OLED will be a bit of a shock.

The TCL...well its hard to say. If the TV holds up in reviews like its spec say it should be suitable. Its a new 2021 model but may not be as overpriced currently since its Chinese.

Do you view directly in front or a variety of angles? LCD TVs viewing angles are very poor usually.


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We sit directly in front of the TV. I don´t mind waiting for the price to drop on the x90j if it´s a TV worth having.
I looked at the TCL at the local dealer, but it was running the TCL promotion video so it´s difficult to say how good it is.

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