Which TV for bedroom?

Doctor Smith

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We are buying a TV for the bedroom which will mainly be used for ps5 gaming and Netflix shows. We will not be watching movies as I have a lg oled 65c9 downstairs for that. Budget no more than £1000.

I have narrowed it down to the following

Samsung 55 Inch QE55Q60T​

Samsung 55 Inch QE55Q80T​

LG 55 Inch OLED55BX6LB​

Or are there others I should consider?


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I miss my old Samsung TV I would get the q80T or a little more for the CX 55 inch.


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Also consider Sony 55XH9505


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When in a bedroom most people will be looking at their TV straight on and the vertical viewing angle will be looking upwards.

VA panels have very good vertical viewing angles and good to poor horizontal viewing angles, Usually in a bedroom the horizontal viewing angle is zero and the vertical viewing angle is between zero to twenty five degrees making a VA panel the choice for a bedroom. Also when in a bedroom the TV will often be watched with the lights out making contrast very important. Buying a VA panel with a narrower than usual horizontal viewing angle and a higher than usual contrast is usually the most economical way to go for a bedroom. A VA panel with higher than usual contrast for a VA panel, which is usually coupled with a narrower than usual horizontal viewing angle for a VA panel, is a very good choice for a bedroom TV.

When buying a VA panel you also want to consider HDR and motion and so for this reason I wouldn't recommend the 60T.

I would stay away from and IPS panel when buying a TV for the bedroom because it has a poorer vertical viewing angle, compared to a VA panel, and hazy blacks when you watch your TV with the lights out.


Do you want more of the same upstairs, as downstairs? then go for the BX.

It should be compared to higher end Samsung TVs like the Q90T rather than the Q80T imo. OLED also makes perfect watching in the dark, which I presume you'll do in your bedroom?

There are of course other options too: **New** My best value TVs, 2020-2021 Edition

Q60T is generally very overpriced, you're best spending more, or less. Not much value in a TV like this.

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