Which TV for around 400€


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Hi, i am looking for a new TV as my old Plasma panasonic tx-p42g20e died.

I dont need anything special. I use my TV for watching sport and streaming movie and tv shows from laptop via HDMI

So which TV should i check out or it doesnt really matter for this budget and all of them are more or less the same ?


Main thing to decide is:

Because that's what mainly separates one low tier TV from another.

Once you have decided on a panel type then decide on a size, and recommendations are easier since a TV recommended at one size may have a different panel at another size.


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I think IPS is better for me since it has better viewing angles. For the size it really doesnt matter current TV was 40" and it was big enough for me. But it can be bigger i have enough room for bigger ones.

So with this in mind any recommendations


An LG at 43, 49 or 55" should be fine. Prefix UP for 2021 models. If you find you want a 49" I think you'll either have to look at their Nano range of models or try and find last year's models since this years tend to mostly be 50" in size which will use a VA panel.

Here's a good overview of their TVs:

The difference between the lower end UPxxxx models and higher is the design, type of remote control included and Bluetooth (found in UP8xxx and up).

LG will likely be the cheapest route to getting a TV with decent viewing angles.

I would have also suggested Sony TVs to you at 43" 49" and 55" but they are likely over budget - if you can find a deal though, you may prefer those for watching sport.

Philips is also another choice, but it's harder to know what panels they use. Usually at 43, 49" and 55" they use IPS, but not 100% on that and it can change model to model. Philips TVs also have decent motion like Sony's do, but don't cost as much.

Remember to avoid 50" and 58" sizes since they are always VA no matter the manufacturer.


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I found an LG that i selling near me, but i also found few other TVs. Here is the list of TVs if you maybe have any opinions.

LG 43UP7500






I know the last one is definitely VA panel, but i was thinking if the viewing angles are not a lot worse than IPS its worth looking at.


50" models always use VA panels and have narrow viewing angles. You need to look at 43" or 49" models but even then, some can be VA too.

The LG on your list is the only one I'm certain to use an IPS panel. No idea with the Xiaomi.

The two Hisense models on the list use VA.

Depending on the size, the Samsung will use either VA or IPS, with no way to know which panel you'll get pre-purchase unless you are buying 50" which is always VA.

The Philips - usually IPS, but not certain at 43".

Viewing angles are bad on TVs with VA panels but some people find them acceptable, impossible to know if you're one of those people or not. You'd have to own the TV to know.

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