Which TV, 36" & Up, Plasma or CRT, 50hz?


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Dec 11, 2001
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Hi list,

Well after the great advice i recievedon this forum i bought my tv a few months ago (thanks everyone, got the JVC-AV28WFT1 in the end). Now, after my recommendation I've been asked to pick you collective brains once again.

A colleaque wants to get a new tv. Must be over 36", must be flat screen (not necessarily flat/plasma/lcd), preferably not 100hz, 2 RGB scart, and good!

So, what d'ya reckon? As this sort of box was WAY out of my range, I haven't got much advice for him, but I know some of you guys have some serious kit, and might be able to suggest some winners. He'd like plasma, but doesn't want to get a 2nd mortgage, so CRT may well have to do. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give.
Well it can be 36", but not really smaller is the main thing.

So... 36" CRTs?
I have a Panny TX36PL30 and am v. happy with it. It is 100Hz (but I don't find that a problem - I have switched of DMM though) has 2 RGB SCARTs and one non-RGB. Nicam only, so you don't pay for audio processing that you don't need (assuming that you have an amp)
Hmmm. I'll take a look at it. That's fine about the audio, he would be using his amp for sound anyway. Any other recommendations?
Unless something come's up, I'll buy Philips 36PW9527 tomorrow..
I'm so tired to compare and review all models and types of TV's, CRT's , plasma's all...
Barco RGB would be my favourite.. but still I go for TV..
Movies are ok with large wall picture, but news and other not..

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