Which turntable should I keep: Pro-ject Essential II or Marantz TT-5005?


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I recently lucked out on some Cambridge Audio separates and Mordaunt Short speakers in a charity shop (I still haven't gotten around to upgrading my setup from my Sony all-in-one system that I've been using, so it was an ideal opportunity to upgrade for peanuts).

It included a Marantz TT-5005 turntable, and I currently own a Pro-ject Essential II. Which of those two would be worth keeping? I realise the speakers and amp will be doing a lot of the work, but wondered if anyone here has any opinons on these two turntables? I realise this is entry-level gear, but thought it was worth asking.


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I would say the Pro-jesct is the better turntable but also depends on what cartridges they have on them. The project was twice the price of the Marantz when new (£120 vs £250) and as the project is probably a entry level turntable which makes the Marantz bargain basement.

Try both and see which sounds better.

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