Which Toshiba TV? 36ZT29B or 36ZP18Q?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Glenn Keen, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. Glenn Keen

    Glenn Keen

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    I'm looking to by a new 36inch widescreen TV and have come down to a choice between the Toshiba 36ZT29B or the Toshiba 36ZP18Q.

    Now I know that there are problems with these TV's, but not all sets have them and when there OK the picture is great.

    So my question is which set is best!
    I really like the look of the 36ZP18Q, the thin picture frame style case is outstanding and a lot better than the 36ZT29B.

    Obviously the 36ZT29B has progressive scan, which in the futre I might find useful (still not sure how well this works with PAL).

    I'm not too bothered about sound as I'll be using my Denon amp for that!

    Question, why is the 36ZT29B cheaper at many places than the 36ZD26 when it has DD sound and an inbuilt free-to-air digital tuner?:confused:

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Jun 26, 2002
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    I have the older Tosh 32ZD09B which is a good ,
    If I was to upgrade I would go for the new Tosh 36ZT29B and this is why as follows :

    I think looks a Million Dollers
    Progressive Scan (Pictures on region 1 dvd's looks Cooool as Ice)
    Cheaper Price
    Also some 36ZP18Q has had a lot of problems

    I know all sets do have problems , But how can you not like the Looks of the new Tosh set ,

    The Choice Is Yours


    We Can Rebuild Him ( Yeh For Six Million Dollers )
  3. Glenn Keen

    Glenn Keen

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    Thanks for all the info.

    I think I'm going to choose between the Toshiba 36ZT29B or the Philips 36PW9607C.

    I like the Toshiba because of the Component Vidio Input (My Sony DVD player has Component conections). But I hate the loof of the stand! (Guess just needs getting used to!).:)

    I have a soft spot for Philips TV's as my current one has done me proud for 12 years without any problems.

    I know that the Toshiba has Progressive scan, but as all my DVD's are Region 2, I can't see me getting any use from it. Shame it doesn't do PAL Progressive Scan!. :(

    So I guess I'll try and find local store that's got both in and try them out with a good quality DVD player.

    One question, what DVD would you recommend using? I have a good test one that came with Total DVD magazine. But what film?
    I was thinking maybe Gladiator.

    Anymore thoughts/suggestions welcome.


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