Which Toshiba to go for???

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    Hi guys, well decisions decisions!!, in the old days you went into a good retailer and as long as you chose one of the good Jap suppliers you went home very happy with your new 32" Nicam crt tele...not any more!
    After nearly a year of umming and arhing but which is best and has the best picture and believe me I must have spent the same amount of money on magazines (each one dissagreeing with the last) as I would on a panel in the first place I have finally made up my mind!
    I like the new Toshiba with the thin bezel and had decided on the 40" model 40XF355D and at John Lewis for £999 with warranty hooray!!:clap:
    SO I go into the said shop and see the 46" model 46XF355D wow its obviously bigger but it looks smaller than my brothers 42" Sharp!!, awesome, price £1499.
    We will be sitting between 9 and 10 feet from the TV, will that be ok?, help please guys as I think the 40" might be tall small?
    Thanks for any help!

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