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Which Toshiba LCD should I buy?

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by Zigster, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Zigster

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    Jan 5, 2005
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    I meant to get an LCD as a Christmas present for myself and decided on a 32WL48. Unfortunately, I've been let down by a couple of suppliers so am still waiting :( - seems they're so popular that supplies are a little short.

    I was in John Lewis today. They do have stock of the 32WL48 but about £400 more than some of the internet retailers have it for - and I'm not that impatient. They also had a 27WL46 and I'm wondering if I should set my sights a little lower? The hook-up at John Lewis made the 32WL48 look appalling and completely at odds with all the reviews I'd read whereas the 27WL46 looked pretty good. The 30Wl46 could also be a possibility.

    I haven't managed to find any reviews of the 30WL46 and 27WL46. The differences I see are:
    - screen size (obviously) but I only sit about 10-12 feet away from the screen so 27" should still be big enough and I don't want a really big TV which takes over the room (the 32Wl48 seems quite discreet for a 32" TV).
    - connections. The lack of component input on the 46s seems odd but will I notice much difference between an RGB Scart input and component? My DVD player is a Cambridge Audio DVD 53 so doesn't have progressive scan (although I'll probably upgrade the DVD player within the next year). HDMI and HDTV sounds good but I don't have Sky and aren't intending to get it so I probably wouldn't use the high-def capabilities.
    - looks. I prefer the looks of the 32WL48 but don't mind the 46 models.
    - price! Based on a quick surf of the net, the cheapest I've found each set for (including delivery) is 32WL 48 £1270, 30WL46 £939 and 27WL46 £735. That's a big price difference!

    As extra info, I haven't managed to persuade the wife to let me buy a surround-sound set up yet (usual speakers/wires everywhere problem) so my freeview box, DVD player and video recorder are all plugged into my stereo audio amp. Current TV is a 7 year old 21" 4:3 Sanyo CRT - it was only £250 new and was bought as a short-term set when I bought my first flat. My viewing is probably about 70% broadcast TV, 15% video and 15% DVD.

    So, I'm sure the 32Wl48 is the better of those TVs but I'm beginning to wonder if I should save £550 by buying the cheaper 27WL46.

    Any views? Any other advantages of the 32Wl48 that I haven't thought of?


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