Which Toshiba 37" ?


I currently have a 32" WLT68 Toshiba,on the official Toshiba stand.
I fancy a 37",but I want to keep the Toshiba stand.
What 37" Toshibas can I get these days ?
The WLT68 was discontinued in 37",wasn't it ?
The 3030 range is more basc than the LT68 range too,isn't it ?
I'm realLy chuffed with my telly,I just want a bigger version.


37X3030: 1080p, freeview, 2 x HDMI 1.3, 1:1 pixel mapping, piano black finish
It doesn't have M100 processing or Onkyo speakers though,does it ?
1080P isn't a priority,as I don't have HD DVD or any games machines.
Just SKY HD,which is 720P.

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