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My brother-in-law wants to buy a widescreen TV to replace his 15 year old 21" 4/3 TV!

He and my sister want to buy a Toshiba 28". I said you should try and push for a 32" model as you probably aren't going to change it for a few years and a 28" will look pretty small in their large living room! I have a Toshiba 42WH18B (and apart from a few niggles am very happy with it) and they think it's awesome. They unfortunately don't want to spend that much on a TV.

Does anybody think they could get a good Toshiba 32" widescreen for £700–£800 and where?

Any advice would be great.



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do they wanna but online or in a store mate cause if they wanna buy instore they might have probs getting a 32 inch tosh.id look more at jvc or phillips maybe if 700 is there top budget or you could look at www.empiredirect.co.uk hope they get what they want happy shopping :D

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