Which to keep? Mission V63 or TDL RTL3?


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Which to keep? Mission V63 or TDL RTL3?

Following a house move I have to greatly reduce my collection of hi-fi kit. I'm not able to build and test all my possible configurations of source/amp/speakers, so have to decide what's to go and what's to stay based on my own layman's recollections and, hopefully, some expert audiophile input from forum readers.

When it comes to floor-standing stereo speakers I have to choose between a pair of "vintage" TDL RTL3 units and a slightly younger pair of Mission V63 units. They were previously used in separate rooms with different source/amp combos: the TDLs in a stereo hi-fi set up and the Missions in a home cinema set, so it was always hard to make a direct comparison.

For stereo hi-fi use which set do forum readers think I should keep?

Typical content is a very wide range of rock, classical, dance and ambient. Source is likely to be a Denon DVD2200 CD/DVD player via Yamaha DSP-AX750SE amplifier in a small room approx. 12ft square.

Ideas, please . . . . .


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I haven't heard the V63s which makes things harder, but I very much loved my TDL RTL3 and the only reason I'm shifting them is my wife has declared them not suitable!
The bass on them is pretty exceptional for a pair of speakers, but they're not the most subtle, so maybe that will help you make a decision?

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