Which to choose-Tosh 36ZP48P or philips 32pw9509


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Hi all, :hiya:
I can get both these tvs on the net for around the same price,but..I like the Tosh screen size and with a nice image, yet I think the Philips picture looks superb. Anyone sway me one way or the other? Is it important that the Philips doesn't have component input, or would dvds look as good going through scart anyway?? :confused:
Any comments really appreciated, thanks,


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I think it comes down to whether you value screen size above picture quality or vice versa.

A 32 inch screen will typically have a better picture than a 36 inch one all things being equal.

I have the Toshiba and am very happy with it. The picture quality is superb and I'd much rather have the bigger screen. I can also confirm that Prog Scan pictures are definately superior to RGB Scart ones - this is obvious even to my untrained eyes!


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Yes quite a jump in quality from scart to component.The sound is very good on the tosh too.I had a good demo of a 9509 and my eyes couldnt handle the pixel plus processing on fast action and sport.Everyone is different,a lot of people swear by the philips.The tosh is a good nuetral set which doesnt over process to the point of spoiling the picture .The definition is down slightly compared with say a panny pd or the philips but around i found it the best.


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I thoroughly recommend the Toshiba 32ZP48. Regards, yt.

Ah sorry - I misread your thread (32" instead of 36"), yt.

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