Which to choose?!?!? Pan NV-GX7, JVC GR-DVP7, Sony DCR-PC101



I am new the digital camcorder arena and am currently trying to make a decision on which cam to get. I have looked at many different cams and have made a shortlist of the following 3, Panasonic NV-GX7, JVC GR-DVP7, Sony DCR-PC101. They all have v. similar specs, all mega pixel ccd's etc. The price varies between the 3 with the Pan being the cheapest and the Sony the most expensive as most of you will already know!.

My budget may just stretch to the Sony, but I am looking for users opinions of these different camcorders before I take the plunge and make a decision. I have read various reviews about all of them, hearing varied reports from different sources (inc. most camcorder magazines).

One thing that i have heard about the Panasonic is that the image stabiliser leaves a lot to be desired, producing jerky images when zooming in and out. Have heard a lot of good reports of the JVC camera, apart from bad battery life.

I would be grateful if you could give me any information on these cams as i think the opinions of users are the best gauge of which I should go for!

Thanks in advance for any help! :)



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If you can hang on until March Sony are bringing out a new range of camcorders. letsgodigital.co.uk have info on their Sony camcorder page.



Thanks simonph, but i was hoping to get a cmaera before my trip to china at the end of feb, after all i dont think i will get the chance to see the great wall again! Do you think the Sony DRC-PC101 would be a sensible choice and a good enough spec to last for a few years?

Any help is appreciated!



dont know about the panasonic, but decided between the jvc and sony and chose the sony mainly due to the battery life.

sony using lcd display - 1 hour
jvc using lcd - 30 mins

that is using the standard supplied batteries. also had top reviews in the camcoder magazines (back section)

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