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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this game. I live in Canada and have gotten the "green light" to look at buying a new tv. We currently have an old Sony KF-E42A10. I am wanting to get the most "useful" tv that won't break our bank, but also continue to be relevant in the future (ie, is OLED going to be the standard in 2 years). All tv's I am looking at are priced in Canadian dollars. My budget is between 2-3k. We have 3 kids under 13 years of age, so I want a tv that is durable as well. I am not concerned with gimmicks (ie, 3D picture). I like Samsung KS8000, but wonder if I should be looking at LG OLED sets like the B6 or B7. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.




Durable in a physical sense? I think OLEDs would be most prone to being broken as the screens are son thin.

Both the B6 and KS8000 are great value in their own respect, obviously the the B6 is better but it is also more money!

I wouldn't consider the B7 for pure value as its a new model and is currently overpriced.

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