Which television under 800 euro for only FILM


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I'm thinking about: Samsung PS50C550 or Panasonic TX-P42C2 or TX-P42C2E :)
can anyone help me?

I want to buy a television under 800euro.
I'm not in gaming, not in television, I'm only interested in watching films.

So what is important for me is the black-level and that the image doesn't shake,...the smoothness.

Hope some-one can help me to get me into a direction.:lease:

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Hi, The 50" Samsung is currently £599 on Pixmania and is full 1080P whereas the C2 is only 42" and only 720P. Are you watching Blu-ray films?

I think the C2 is a US model? You can't seem to get it here in Italy.
The Samsung has also got USB connection and is Wi-Fi ready, great for streaming/viewing movies from other sources.

As well as being only 720P, the Panasonic doesn't have the new NeoPDP panel which the current models have.

I would seriously consider the Panasonic G20 plasma as it seems to be the best plasma, if not TV, at this price range.


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Hi Duffer

Thank you for your reply

you mean the Panasonic Viera TX-P G20 (42", 46", 50") I guess,
But this one is much expensiver than the Samsung.

I don't use Blu ray at all, but streaming from my laptop or whatever is handy.
The thing is I'm into arthouse films, so most of them are not gettable in HD, but I'm really in picture quality,
so if you see the Panasonic Viera TX-P G20 is much way better than the Samsung PS50C550,
like the Samsung PS50C550 is much way better as the C2....yes then I would consider myself bying the G20.


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This is the one I mean -
Panasonic TX-P42G20B 42-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics
I don't know where you are in Europe but check if Amazon deliver free of charge to your country, in which case, it works out to be around Euro 770. Yes, more expensive than the Samsung (710 Euro approx) but still under your Euro 800 budget. But, checking the reviews on this site, well worth the extra few Euro.
I ordered a Sony EX403 40" from Amazon UK for the mother-in-law, delivered to Italy. Apart from the plug, it works just the same.


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Obviously, the Panasonic would be 42" within your budget but the Samsung 50".
Decisions, eh! :)


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For black level and HD and bluray performance the G20 is the best 42" plasma or LCD IMHO. AT 50" I'd look at the LG PK350 or PK590, again Id place these over LCD but just below the G20 due to lighter black levels. Going up in price a 50" G20, 42"-50" V20 or Lgs PK990 or PX990 with 3D.
At your budget tho I'd def be looking G20 or PK590.:)

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