Which tablet setup?

Hi all, im wondering which tablet setup you would choose from the following two.

Ipad mini/ ipad 4 16gb wifi

Note 10.1/ nexus 10 16gb

Nexus 7/ nexus 10 16gb

Or a different setup?

Primary uses,

Gaming, web surfing, productivity such as typing, editing pdf and spreadsheets. Films/ tv shows. Photo editing.

Generally most things.

I have used iOs and android alot. I like both for different reasons, iOS is very sleek and app store is somewhat better. However, widgets and customisation on android is far superior.

So really it's a tough choice.

Hence, woukdnt mind some input on your own personal preference. Thanks


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I'm an android guy. But also a small fellow. We have tablets of a variety of sizes from 10.1 down. The smaller, lighter ones are always in use first in our house with the bigger heavier jobs chosen when there is no alternative 'cos someone else has got there first

We have a Nexus 7 16gb. Best price, easy to use, great performance


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IOS is somewhat better for office work but has really nothing in terms of connections for consumer use. Android is better for convenient consumer due to its ease of navigating and Android tablets usually have a wealth of connections compared to Ipads.
But are not that good for office use in practice. So I would choose the combination based on what you were primarily using each tablet for.

Personally I'd get an Ipad with keyboard for the office work at home and away, and a Android tablet for the consumer use for wherever you are :)
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If its office work, then you probably can't beat the surface rt with proper word, excel, ppt etc.

I have a surface and an ipad mini, as I couldn't find one tablet and form factor to meet everything I need :)

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DO NOT buy a Nexus 7 until after this week as Google are due to announce it's replacement and it's tipped to be even more of a beast then the current one.
I also would not buy an iPad Mini personally as I think it's way overpriced for the screen it has and the power under the hood, it needs a retina screen and the newer processor really. But it's well made. This will be updated this year at some point.
Also the new iPad 5 is 'rumoured' to be ligher and more compact.

So I think maybe the new Nexus 7 and the new iPad with a bluetooth keyboard? Or a new Nexus 7 or retina iPad Mini and a Microsoft Surface.

Otherwise if you want Android for productivity what about the new Galaxy Note 8"?

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