Which tablet for £200

I have the Samsung and it is a great tablet but for spec, the Lenevo beats it. It is quad core vs dual core of the Samsung plus the front camera is 1.3mpixel vs 0.3 mpixel of the Samsung.
I had a played with it instore and it did look quite nice, only thing I could not find with it was screen rotation and having looked at the video for it - none of it is in portrait mode.
Looks like PC World has the wrong resolution for the Lenovo. Their website say it is 1024 x768 not 1280 x 800 like with the Samsung. That is the same resolution as the Samsung 7".

I found the rotation on the tablets did not work very well in store when they were secured to the displays.
I too am looking in this price range, narrowed down to the Versus 10" (John Lewis-2 year warranty) and the similar Archos.
Went into PC World for demo, but the salesman had never heard of Archos (it's on their site) and he couldn't get the Versus to start. He then went off to find another customer.

I would appreciate any input regarding the Versus.
I know this is outside the scope of your proposed options but thought i would throw this out there - I would recommend having a good look at the nexus devices for the pure Google experience where you will receive fast updates to the is whenever Google release a new version. This will help increase the longevity of your device. The 16gb nexus 7 can be had for £160 which is a bit of a bargain, though newer models may be arriving this summer. Hope this helps.
Go for the Lenovo, this devices has top quailty specs and is a good price. Lenovos are also relaible devices so you shoudldn't have to ever take it for a repair (unless dropped - screen)

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