Which Tab tensioned screen for £1000

Doctor Smith

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Needs to be 1.0 gain and 92 inch diagonal and surgestions:thumbsup:


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You can prob pick up a GrandView CyberScreen tab tensioned. There are a few dealers in the UK who stock, although when I was looking last week no stock in the UK at the moment (they are manufactured in Canada).

I was looking at them but decided to spend a little more and go for a Vutec.


Needs to be 1.0 gain and 92 inch diagonal and surgestions:thumbsup:

Doctor Smith

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They both look very good
Do you get any sparkles or bright spots on the sapphire?
I take it your very happy with the screen

Doctor Smith

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I have one of these:
Tab Tensioned Projection Screens

Does the job very well. The screen is very well built and feels like it will last years to come.

More than I can say about the piece of crap I got from primebuy.

I also got the piece of crap from primebuy. Do not want to ever go through that nightmare again


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There is a single bright spot on my saphire but very small and only noticable on total white scenes.

Im very happy with it. I confirmed I could return it if I wanted to before purchase.

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