Which system would I need??


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Hi guys,

Not really visted the audio components forum much before but now I need your help!!

I'm finally looking to upgrade my surround setup which is severely lacking (I can only plug my Xbox360 into it so barely bother to turn it on).

I want to connect the following equipment (I only really need it for sound as I have enough video connections on my TV):

Xbox 360 with HDDVD drive via optical,
Nintendo Wii via stereo phono,
Freeview PVR via optical (or SkyHD in the future),
Also I might want to connect any combination of 2 of the following in the future: PS3 or BluRay player or standalone HDDVD player. So would want 2 more optical inputs OR 2x HDMI and take the sound from that.

So it needs I think 2 optical + 2 hdmi or 4 optical plus phono inputs.
I also want a sub that I dont need to get up to turn on/off - if it draws power from the amp or something so switches off when that goes into standby then great (if this exists).

I hope this all makes sense!!


PS I need some small speakers to go with it too.

PPS I dont have a budget as such yet but I'm not looking for top of the range - cheaper the better (depends what I can get).


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If you are planning on SkyHD, PS3 and HD-DVD you need a minimum of 3 HDMIs really. Take a look at the new Onkyos, which seem excellent VFM. I've never listened to one myself, but the general feedback seems positive.

Alternatively something like the Sony 3200ES would seem to fit the bill and as the HDMIs pass audio over LPCM you would still be able to benefit from HD audio from the Blu-Rays on the PS3 and from HD-DVDs in the future.

Wrong forum for the next bit but look at the BK XLS2000 sub in the sub forum (BTW I've never turned a sub off in my life) and without knowing a budget for the speakers, there I get stuck :D


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