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I was saving up for a Velodyne DD18 as I was mightily impressed with a demo of an HGS18 I heard at a pals in Florida last year but I got an email from him saying he had gone the SVS route with an SVS PB2 Ultra and considered that this was a worthwhile upgrade from the HGS18 in his room. I have read a lot of very positive things about SVS but have not actually heard a demo of any of their kit but I have decided to give them a try. Would I be better off with twin PB2+'s or a single PB2 Ultra? My room is 21'L x 14'W x 10'.



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It might be worth sending the folks at SVS a copy of what you have posted above. From what I have read, they are a very helpful bunch and will give you an good recommendation on what would be best for you.

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I agree with Ettepet that a single PB2 Plus would be more than adequate, as well as a considerable saving on the Velodyne.

If you give your rough location in your profile I am sure that one or more of the friendly SVS Club here would be willing to let you have a demo of their sub so that you know what you are letting yourself in for.

Don't forget that two subs can sometimes cause problems if the placement and setup isn't spot on and you end up with less bass and not more.
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