Question Which surround system/soundbar?

I have just purchased a new TX-55GZ950B and realized that the leads on my previous surround system (SC-BT200 Blu-ray home theatre sound system, see picture) cannot connect either to the TV or to the UB820 Smart 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray & DVD Player I also just bought (second picture). Any idea whether there is a solution to this with adapters etc, or is there no other solution but to buy a new surround system/soundbar? For the latter I have identified the SC-HTB900EBK 3.1 Wireless Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos as something I like, but perhaps there is a more economic alternative? To be fair, I would be more than happy to stay with the surround system I have at the moment, if I could find a workaround the connector/plug issue. But if I go for a new purchase, I just need to make sure it does my new TV and blu ray player justice (they both support dolby atmos, 4k etc ). Many thanks.



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Your Surround system according to it's specs has an optical input.
Your TV has an optical out, connect the two with an optical cable and you're good to go.
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