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I'm in the process of converting a back bedroom into a dedicated cinema. I'll be using a pair of B&W CM8's with a CMC2 centre, CCM362 ceiling speakers for atmos but can't decide what to use for rears.

I was considering CM1's but think this may be overkill for surrounds, so with that in mind does anyone have any suggestions??? I have also considered the M-1 surrounds, would these be a good match?? Ideally i'd like to keep it all B&W but due to room shape cannot realistically use dipoles.



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I would personally go for the CM1s so that they are all matching. I have some pretty expensive speakers for the surrounds but they are the same make/model as the fronts which is why I went for them.


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I am considering them but also will need to be putting in a sofa bed (to keep swmbo happy) and as such the M1 on a wall mount may be a better option, just need to see if they will be a good match. The room will be used for music too but the CM8's will be taking on that role as well.

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