Which surround speaker type for my bedroom


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Pic here (click here for bigger version w/readable text):


That's my bedroom. As you can see, in addition to my nearfield desktop set up which I listen to on my chair at the computer, I have some stereo hifi speakers I'm working on (yay for DIY) purely for stereo music to fill the bedroom, along with a DIY projector screen also being made, and the intention is to have a 5.1 set of speakers purely for TV/film/PC gaming, which I watch plonked on my lovely Fatsac (which superbly comfy, plug plug plug!).

This will be accomplished via a matched front three (I have a Chunky Monkey TV bench with a space for a vertical bookshelf/standmount speaker), sub (BK or something) and where I need advice first and foremost is the surrounds.

As I've tried to illustrate, the rough location is that they'll be wall-mounted along each side (I may wall mount the left/right speakers as well to get more space between them and the centre), although I have to be mindful of the cupboard doors for the bottom one. Now, the actual question here is, what type of surround speaker is going to work best here given the shape of the room/listening position?

1) Direct fire and try to find ones with wide dispersion
2) dipole
3) bipole

I guess although I will be listening to some live performance type DVDs/BDs, I'd prefer the surround effect to not be too obvious location-wise. When watching TV I tend to pull the Fatsac a bit closer to the TV, when I finish the DIY screen and get round to buying a PJ, I'll pull it back to where it is in the pic, if not further by chucking my chair out of the way. Either way, I guess they'll be more be to the side of the listening position than behind.


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