which surround settings on denon 3802



As a relativly new denon 3802 owner i have been using the widescreen setting for watching dvds on irrespective of 5.1 or 6.1 (im actually wired up for 7.1 with an extra pair of rears) .

So should i be using the wde screen setting or the 6.1 settings .for the most accurate reproduction from the discs.I ask this because at the demo in manchester last week in the kef room they were using 6.1 with the 7.1 speaker setting.and i forgot to ask why.

Thanx in advance guys


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The Widescreen mode is a waste of time IMO. Best to stick with Dolby Digital or 6.1 Surround (if its an EX disc). You can also have the Surround Back speakers on if the disc is only encoded in 5.1 if you want, though you can get mixed results, some discs sound great, others not so great.

Best to set the amp to AUTO and it will decode whatever signal is thrown at it, Dolby Digital, DTS etc. Just up to you whether you switch the Surround Back speakers on or off.:)

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I am interested in your statement that the Widescreen mode is a waste of time. (this is not a sarcastic remark!)
I have had a 3802 for nearly a year now and have always had it on that mode!
I have played around with some of the other DSP modes when watching VHS tapes etc as sometimes you can get a better sound out.
Is it because it is being 'processed' when really it is preferable to just stream it off the DVD's?
I did play around with these settings once before but could not hear any difference although this was for only a couple of minutes.
I would assume this would also apply to DTS tracks?



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I found the Widescreen mode completely flat & dull in comparison to Dolby Digital/DTS etc. PL2 is far superior when you have a Stereo or Dolby Surround encoded source IMHO. You can also have the Surround Backs switched on for PL2 if you want, just switch the amp to Matrix ON.

If you like it then that´s what matters.:) Just it´s not for me I´m afraid.


Have to agree with Jase here.

Widescreen does change the sound but I wouldnt say it makes it any better at all. In short, you want to listen to the recording with as little extra processing (pure) as you can get; that being a straight DD or DTS setting rather then settings such as 'Widsescreen' etc.

However, if you like the sound, go for it!


DD/DTS also gets my vote.

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