Which Subwoofer to go with Tannoy F1s?


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Any moderator: I'm a prize idiot and I've gone and posted this in the wrong forum. If you could move it I'd greatly appreciate it.

In short: I've ordered the Yamaha DSP-AX861 and I'm looking to order the Tannoy Mercury F1 Customs but I am unsure what subwoofer to partner that with. Should it be a Tannoy, or does it not really matter -- the Mordaunt Short 309i looks decent.

I've a budget of £150, maximum. Ish. EDIT:Since writing this I got sucked in by the BK Gemini, and now I'm even pondering stretching the budget to go for the BK XLS200. It's spiralling out of control!

Longer version: I've had some great advice from people on these forums and, rightly or wrongly, I have gone and ordered a Yamaha DSP-AX861 to go with my new TV. Hopefully I haven't made any of the people who offered me advice feel like they wasted their time! :)

When it came to speakers I was fairly torn between the Tannoy Mercury F1 Customs, Wharfedale 9.1s and Mordaunt Short 902is.

Because the speakers will be pretty close to the wall (the TV is in a corner so they'll be either side) I figured the rear-ported 902is weren't my best bet, and I went for the Tannoys over the Wharfedale's after reading the 9.1s are not as good in the mid-range[1].

Is there a particular subwoofer you'd recommend to go with the Yamaha + F1s? Or do you think I'd be better going for some other combination of speakers and subwoofer with the 861?

Please bear in mind that for the forseeable future I'm not going to move beyond 2.1 (perhaps 3.1)[2]?

[1] I know, I know, it'd be best to go listen to this entire setup somewhere and make my own mind up from personal preference but it's not really feasible. :-(

[2] I appreciate the arguments for sticking with a stereo receiver, I really do, and my decision to get an AV receiver knowing I'd not go beyond 3.1 anytime soon was made knowing I would lose out in that regard.

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