Which SUB???


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I Have recently upgraded most of my home cinema and now its the subs turn!!

I have B&W 603's up front with 601's and the matching centre, being run by a sony1070, the sub is a paradigm pdr10 and i feel is being over done by the 603's so what to buy??

I have listened to the rel quake and it sounded a bit small
I would like to listen to the new vibe subs(has anyone got one and how does it sound?)
Has anyone either seen or listened to the new matching B&W subs yet?? Every shop i have tried they havnt had one yet

I have a budget of upto £600ish wife depending:devil:


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It'll be worth looking at the B&W ASW675, I think it's around the £600 mark. Failing that get a mighty Velodyne from Uncle Eric, not too sure of prices.


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I've recently been looking at the Power-buy section, and spotted that the Velodyne subs are listed there at:
CH 10 £325
CH 15 £684
HSG18 £2155 !!!

But check it out for yourself.



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Might be worth checking with Richer Sounds mail order people and seeing if there are any Servo 15's left. For £600 you could get one with the X30 too.




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Went into RS in Liverpool today and they havnt got any paradigm servo 15's left and said theres not many left in the country!!

uncle eric

Or you could go for the other Servo 15, Velodynes CHT-15.


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is the CHT 15 as good as the Servo 15?

I understood the Servo 15 goes lower? Or have I got duff info?:confused:

Phil Hinton

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Smurfin, Theres very little in it to be honest. Both are servo controlled, the servo 15 has a little more power 400w against the Velos 300watt. The servo 15 goes a little lower according to specs, but many have said the velo is a litle more controled and has far less distortion. i have a velo cht 15 and highly recommend it, although i have nevr managed to get a demo of the servo 15.

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