Which sub? Vibe Alpha 2/Rel 150 or CHT10?


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I'm thinking of buying a sub to go with my Sony STRDB930 but I'm not sure which to go for. I was considering the Rel after reading the recent What Hi-Fi awards then I read about the Velodyne in the Power Buys. After a visit to my dealer today, he has recommended the Vibe Alpha 2.

Because I live in a flat, I've always been put off having a sub but I think a small model might add too the sound now that I have a projection system.

I want to arrange a home demo but I was wondering if anyone here has experience of the Vibe Alpha 2?

My setup uses the DB930 as a decoder and amp for centre and rears - the pre-outs for front L+R go into an Audiolab 8000S and Musical Fidelity P180, speakers are Castle Harlech and a Kef c90.

I've also considered upgrading the Sony to an Arcam AVR200 though I doubt that will make a difference to my subwoofer choice.

Any advice appreciated.


Phil Hinton

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I have not heard the vibe units so can't comment on them, But I have had Rel and Velodyne subs in my set up, and can highly recommend the velodyne, I am most impressed with my CHT-15.


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There is a CHT-10 for sale in the harware section £275


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Think I'm going to audition the Vibe as it's my only local supplier - I'm still tempted by the Velodyne though as it seems to be getting very good "word of mouth" reviews.


auditioned the vibe AII last weekend against previous REL subs - thought that the VIBE was amazing - even my missus noticed the diference, between the 2 makes....

best deal i have found is HIfi confidential for £329...(AII)


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The MJ Acoustics Pro 50 & Reference 100 are worth considering as well if you're after small subs. Think I'll be ditching my Q100E for the latter in a few months (space and "shiny new toy" considerations only).

Perhaps take look at the new Velodyne VX-10 as well.



I used to own/use the REL Q150 and ended up getting rid of it once my Velodyne CHT-10 arrived courtesy of Uncle Eric.

There really is no contest between the two, it's almost unfair even comparing them (and the Velo's cheaper!).

Haven't heard the Vibe Alpha, but Bonesy has the Beta and is (I think) also considering replacing that with a Velodyne too.


I also thought that the Q150 And quake weren't as favourable as the velo. I suppose you have to listen with your current set up to get the best un-biased oppinion though. The CHT-10 I purchased in the powerbuy's section was exceptional value though.



I also live in a flat and also in the final satges of buying a sub.
Beside the Velo CHT 10 I am considering the Magnat 380,Visonik sub 10,Rel quake II, Q150 and the Yamaha 800.

I am pretty concerned about buying a downfiring asubwoofer instead of a sidefiring model.
A downfiring Subwoofer will face my floor, but also towards the ceiling!! of my downstars neighbours.

Should i be concerned about this and forget about the downfiring models?

Aren't you concerned about it?


Originally posted by tan1415
Aren't you concerned about it?

As long as my sub sounds good in my house, I couldn't give a **** about the neighbours. After all, they're free to go out and buy one too :smashin:

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