Which sub should I sell, MJ or Rel?


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Wow, that rhymes?
Anyway, with my svs purchase being hopefully built at the moment I have a sub dilemma.
I have a Rel Q150 thats about 2 years old and my son has an mj acoustics 50 that is about 15 mths old, do I sell the Rel or give it to my son and sell his mj?
Any ideas what they might fetch? Both have boxes and manuals.
My son just uses his mj for music in his bedroom but I am sure he would appreciate the Rel.


sell them both and buy a rel q200e, just swapped a q100e for one of these little fellows and im just waiting for the complaints from the neighbours;) rel is always the best IMO:)


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Hi pollywoggle
I would try them both out and see which sounds best and keep the winner,If you sell both buy the B&Wasw675 not the rel q200e.
Cheers Gonzo.:)


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Sorry I wasn't making myself clear, I have a svs pb2-plus on order and that is why the rel (or mj) will probably have to go. I am someone who is always loathe to get rid of stuff in case it comes in handy but my loft is getting full of stuff!


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As gonzo said try them both out in the place where the winner will finally rest then pm me to tell me you are selling the loser and how much you want :D

They would both (seperatly) fetch about £200. Possibly a little more for the rel as long as they are both in good condition. Have a search for new prices then judge for yourself.

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