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Hi I have an onkyo hts7800 system with an extra sub. So 2 10inch 120 watt matching onkyo subs. I replaced my front speakers with 2 klipsch 6.5inch in ceiling speakers and 2 onkyo skf-4800 towers. Replaced my center with the bic fh6 lcr speaker and my rears with the bic fh65b speakers.

Well I'm wanting more low end for movies and music. I am looking at getting 2 Polk pws505 or 2 klipsch sub12hg. The two klipsch would max out my budget at $500. Guess my question is would these be much better than the two onkyo subs l have now. Would it make that much of a difference? I am wanting chest pounding floor rattling bass on a budget. Oh my living room is 15x20 with 8 foot ceilings but the room is 30x20. It's a open kitchen/livingroom.
Any insite or help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Matt


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That is one large room and it`s going to take quite alot from subwoofers to fill that out! Don´t expect miracles. I assume the Klipsch and Polk are nice upgrade from the Onkyo sub, but...

The budget subwoofers has their limits performance wise. I would rather go with one better and in future add second one. Yes it might feel terrible idea now cost wise, but you will change your mind once you hear what large quality subwoofer can do, there is no going back and it should really feel money well spent. Find the best spot in your room for the one large sub (subwoofer crawl) and it should be like christmas again compared to those small Onkyos.

This is UK forum, but quick look at US forum and it seems that SVS PB12-NSD would give you best bang for buck with that budget, tad over but free delivery i think. 5year amp warranty and performance which would put those cheap subs in to shame. Yes i compared the super popular Polk 505 measurements to SVS and no competition really. Very flat frequency response (SVS) - Polk not much so, SVS digs much deeper than Polk (F3 @ 19hz vs 35hz), output wise it destroys Polk, good protection on amp so you can push it quite alot safely, SVS customer service is probably one of the best out there so if anything were to happen you will be taken care of. There is higher chance that you will have problems (amp) with the cheaper subs than SVS.

Here you go;


Polk 505 ain`t bad for the price, but the brand is known from speakers not subwoofers. SVS other hand is probably most known multi million dollar company regarding subs. If you google the PB12 model you find zillion threads cause it`s older model but SVS made new batch for x amount of time and it still very popular. It`s quite large too, but should be great for movies if on tight budget.

You can copy paste your question at US forum as you live there, but be warned you probably get recommendations for even larger subwoofers cause of your room size. :laugh: And i am not talking about the 15" under 300$ subs, cause those can`t compete with the SVS i linked.
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