Which sub £200 Class D 2.1 mini desktop amp all-in-one in 2021?


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The main ones I see discussed and available to the UK for under £200 appear to be below. I have only included ones that have at minimum a sub out and at least one form of digital input (i.e. include a DAC) and at least one form of another type of input so you can switch between a minimum of 2 sources. Having bluetooth is not a requirement but most of the below do anyway. I could not find any nobsound products that had the combination of a sub out, digital input and passive speaker (amplified) outputs.

Fosi Audio DA2120A 50W x 2 £128.99
No head phone jack but otherwise seems a good product. Some people complain that the output is very weak though. 50w is stated at 4ohms though, so most people that will run this on 8ohm speakers would be getting about half at 25W per speaker. Has a remote. Can be turned off when not in use and I believe it truly is then off. Not sure if it has auto on.

Fosi Audio DA2120C 120W x 2 £179.99
Same product as above but with doubled power output. A reviewer mentions around 80W per channel at 8ohms. Significantly larger though. Still compact enough for some.

SMSL AD18 (mkII) 80W x 2 £135.99
Different form factor than traditional, being taller than it is wide. Still compact. 80W is again at 4ohms. Has a headphone jack (amped) built in but apparently not the most powerful one. Plugging in headphones does not auto cut the main sound, you have to toggle on the menu for what you want. The 2nd edition or MK 2, has a subwoofer out built into one of 3.5mm inputs which doubles as this function. A quick google suggests this does not have a standby feature or auto off/on mode. It's either powered on or off I think. Seems a popular product.

Topping MX3 ???
Seems discontinued and now hard to get hold of - not sure what the replacement equivalent is. Seemed a well regarded product.

Loxjie A30 MA12070 80W x 2 £169.99
Headphone jack is amped again and seems more powerful in this one I think. 40W at 8ohm output. Very compact and seems a well regarded product again. Has an auto screen off feature. Some people seem to think it does have auto off/standby feature but not sure. A lot of reviews/owners seem to think it sounds very good and better than a lot of other class D amps.

Tangent Ampster BT II 2 x 25W £166.95
Not as mini as some of the others. Volume controls are notchy and hard to adjust in small increments apparently. Has a standby feature and auto on when analogue inputs detect a signal only I think. I assume the power output is at 8ohms, in which case still it is the joint weakest one listed here along with the Fosi A.

Are there any other good ones to consider? Do you have any knowledge of these amps or advice? Any comments?

It seems you can pick up something more in the £50-100 range if you only want to amplify power to a single set of speakers and do not need to switch between 2 or more input sources. More of these ones tend not to have a sub out though, which is nice to have in case you ever want to drive a sub in the future.
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