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Hope you guys can help. Want to purchase a 1080p projector mainly for films/TV. From the reading, I understand for films DLP is the preferred technology. Wish to punt this in a loft conversion, projection to screen distance 3m approx, with usual UK full ceiling of just over 2 metres

The Mits HC4000 seems to get good review although not sure I can make this work in my room

The Epson TW32000 is another possibility but I keep hearing how good DLP is and to go for this rather than LCD

Any advice/suggestions would be helpful


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There is not a huge amount of difference between the Optoma HD20 Mits HC4000 and Epson TW3200 on image quality.

As far as image goes the Mits is best (just) followed by the Epson then the Optoma.

On cost and reasonably ease of placement the Optoma wins (£700 approx) and The Epson is best for placement (TW3200).

The Optoma HD300x or Epson TW5900 both under £1k are more than worth considering and will hold there value better as they are 3D machines.

You are not going to see a night and day difference with any of the above as they will all give a great quality image for their respective prices.You just need to decide what feature/price is most important.


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DLP and LCD both have their plusses and minuses and one may be better for you for a variety of reasons......so if you can get a demo do so.....everyone is different, so just because you heard DLP is better doesn't mean it is for you.......I think the main thing to check with DLP is rainbows and you can only really do this with a demo....

And as KB says, features are key......if you have more flexibility of placement and like the idea of the more filmic DLP picture then that might be the way to go, but if you need more zoom and lens shift with a sharper picture then it maybe LCD.

of course, at the very top of your budget you might find a second hand D-ILA PJ like the JVC 350s at Richer Sounds which will beat all of the above!

So, if you can, get a demo!
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