which streaming device to get?


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I have a pretty old Samsung smart TV and a Sonos Beam 5.1 system (i.e. just DD 5.1, not DTS or Atmos, etc). I live in Spain and I have my TV set up with UK as its region. Together with a smart DNS I can use UK apps on the TV. Recently HBO Max started in Spain and I jumped when offered a 6 month freebie subscription. However, there is no UK HBO Max app available for Samsung TVs (there is an app for Spain, but it's not possible to install apps from more than 1 region at a time). I have a Windows PC connected to the TV, but HBO has no Windows app and when I watch through a browser I only get stereo sound - I think it's an issue with the TV, but I'm not looking to replace it. What I'd like is a device that I can install both UK apps on, as well as one for HBO Max - is a Roku best for this? if so which is the best option?

BTW if anyone fancies an HBO sub and has a setup where they can use the Spanish service (you can change the UI to English), there is a half-price for life offer on at the moment...


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I would get an Apple TV , I`m assuming the Spanish Itunes has the HBO Max app , I`ve got the US HBO app on my Apple TV and using smart DNS mines works a dream


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If you value stability then there is nothing else that competes against the Apple TV. It's simply the best streamer with all the bells and whistle.

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