Question Which Streamer Box Should I get ATV / Shield / Fire TV / Zappiti?


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My current system is in my signature. I hope to get an Arcam AVR20 (or maybe a Denon 8500) in the near future. Once my AVR is updated I want to be able to maximise my use of a streamer (the apps in the TV have great video but as I don't have eARC so audio quality is limited) and 4K player via the amp.

I would like the streamer to have as many of the following apps as possible:
- Amazon Prime (must)
- Netflix (must)
- YouTube (must)
- Disney+ (ideal)
- ATV (ideal) - I have about 100 older films that came with my Blu-rays (they would be nice in 4K)
- Google Play (ideal) - I have about 150 newer films that came with Blu-rays but I can play them on YouTube
- The ability to run Plex or a similar system (I really like Infuse for the ATV- which I'm trying on my iPad at the moment) and deal with any transcoding issues. Must also be able to run 4K rips and play DTS from my current Plex library (not that I have many yet)
- Dolby Vision (must)
- Dolby Atmos (ideal)
- DTS:X (ideal)

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to download my iTunes & Google Play films and have them display in my Plex library?

I'm thinking NVidia Shield or ATV at the moment, as I have not seen much positive about the Fire TV (apart from it being £80. I know very little about the Zappiti (the Pro is too expensive) and would be keen to hear anything about the less expensive hardware. I have limited Internet speed of just under 20mbs - which is fine for Netflix but probably not for other suppliers - I live in hope of them connecting the fibre that runs on a pole about 100 meters from my house though

I would be grateful for your thoughts.

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