Question Which stereo amp with HT bypass for Monitor Audio Silver 100?


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I am on the market for a good stereo amp with HT bypass.
My current setup:

Marantz SR6012
Monitor Audio Silver 100, 150 and FX
BK Electronics P12-300SB-DF

I would like to add stereo amp that would take over from L/R - so i could switch between watching movies and listening to the music easily.

I mostly listen to the music, 60% and watch movies.
I have tidal account.

I really enjoyed the sound of Rega Brio and Elicit - R.
I dont like NAD C 368 signature - highs are unberable after 30min of listening.

My budget ideally would be below £1k - although I am considering going up to £1.5.

I have read good things about Hegel H160 - i can have it for less than £1.5k - although I have also heard they may be poor match for MA Silver - as hegel is a bit cool on the sound, and highs may be unpleasant.

Naim Nait 5si may be an option although i have never heard it. Is the sound similar to Rega Brio?

One option is to buy Rega Brio and speaker router - thats about £750 - the cheapest option but the most cumbersome.

What do you think dear friends? Please advise.


The Naim Nait 5si is a better amp than the Brio and more than double the price, it's competitor in the Rega stable would be the Elex-R, even though there is still a couple of hundred pounds difference in cost. The Naim is very musical with good mids and highs but it lacked the control that the Elicit had with bass (with KEF R300s). In comparison the Nait felt unexciting, dare I say boring.

I audition the 5si and XS2 against the Elicit-R.


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Yamaha A-S1100 (or 2100) may worth a look/listen too. Both great sounding amps and if using with AV equipment that has a trigger output, then they can switch on and enter HT-bypass mode automatically from the 12V trigger from your AVR - this is how I have mine (A-S2100) setup.

If you control everything with something Logitech harmony, then of course that kind of convenience doesn't really matter.

After that Elicit R would probably be my second choice. There are a couple of people here I think that use a 1100 or 2100 with MA silver speakers - maybe they may comment.


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Thank you :)

Is the Yammy similar in sound signature to Rega? What are similarities and differences?
Do you have a link to smoe good comparison? :)

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