Which STB, Echostar T101-FTA or Goodmans GDB3?



I want to get a cheap STB for the bedroom. Havee seen Echostar T101-FTA and the Goodmans GDB3 both for £54.99 at Argos.

I have had Echostar products in the past and have found them to be OK.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Goodmans GDB3 has to be the best Freeview box i have ever tested, it's incredibly fast and the EPG is well build, it's solid built and comes with a scart and RF leaf.

Channel changing is instant, text loads within 1 or 2 seconds, BBC News Multiscreens load within 5 seconds.

I have heard bad things about the Echostar, it's not the best of build by the looks of it either.

The Goodmans is an excellent box more than ideal for a bedroom.
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