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Looking to put together my first home cinema system and am trying to decide on speakers. I'm undecided between getting a compact speaker package or going for a floorstander setup.

Room size, 5m x 4m
90% movies, at most 10% music so music not really an issue.
Budget of about €1400 (stg£900) for receiver and speakers.

The compact speaker setup I'm thinking of would be at the top of my budget but is a good price compared to what I can get it for here in Ireland, about 70% of the price.
Kef KHT 2005.2 @ €800 - stg£530

The floorstander setup is a choice of the following options
Eltax Liberty 5+ @ €150 (stg£100)
Eltax Millenium 200 @ €90 (stg£60)
Eltax Millenium 400 @ €100 (stg£66)
Eltax Symphony 8.3 @ €90 (stg£60)
Eltax Symphony 10.3 @ €100 (stg£66)

Eltax Millenium @ €45 (stg£30)
Eltax Symphony @ €50 (stg£33)

Eltax HT2BP @ €110 (stg£70)
Eltax Liberty 3+ @ €85 (stg£56)
Eltax Millenium 100 @ €50 (stg£33)
Eltax Symphony 4.3 @ €60 (stg£40)

Eltax Impact 8.2 @ €230 (stg£150)
Eltax Impact 10.2 @ €210 (stg£140)

I had also been looking at Mordaunt Short speakers but they would push things over-budget by a fair bit costing between €940 with 902 fronts and €1080 with 904 fronts; the rest being 905C, 903S for rears and 907W.

Essentially which Eltax setup would be best of the 3 and would this be better than the Kef 2005's or what?

Also related to this what receiver would you recommend for the selected speakers, keeping in mind a budget of about stg£450 max depending on the cost of the speakers.


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You're asking us which out of 5 different Eltax sets sounds best?? :confused: And some Eggs and possibly some MS speakers too? :eek: No chance!

Find a friendly dealer and go demo. From the sound of your post, you appear to have little experience of hifi and AV - not your fault, we all have to start somewhere - but you best bet is at a dealer in your area. Trust your own ears.

You'll be amazed at how different the Eltax moidels sound, not to mention the other two. Your dealer may even introduce you to something totally different you never thought of too. :smashin:


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if you dont have much choise the HT2bi polars are fantastic for movies but pants with music. The Liberty 5's have good reviews and can be bi-wired. .The centres I dont know and try to get a better sub than the eltax's.


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I have Eltax Liberty 5+ for front
Eltax Liberty 3+ for surround
Eltax Liberty Centre
plus eltax sub
with denon 3801 for bout 3 year now still beat any of my mate setup


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I have to eltax 8.3 symphonys as fronts and the symphony minis as rears and the symphony center. I've had them for about 2 years now and have not seen the need to upgrade as yet as the sound they produce seems fine to me at this level. These are only a budget make and you can tell by the quality of manufacture but they do the job well and have served me well in my first setup.
I recently bi-wired them off the second outputs of my yam 630 and they do sound far better to me.

Ian J

How about the Mordaunt Short Premier Plus system. Five satellites plus the well regarded MS309 sub. It seems to be highly regarded here

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