Which speakers to buy ??


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I am looking for some new surround speakers to go with my Sony DVD player and Denon amp. Having already made three bad surround sound choices so far, I am now happy with the amp and DVD player but need to sort out my speakers.
I want a sat/sub system, not too big, all the usual !!! Mainly for movies as have separate speakers still for music.
Basically have shortlisted to ...
1) Mission FS1
2) Elac Cinema One
3) kef eggs
4) Bose (not sure which package)

Having tried to read all the reviews, threads on these, I am now totally confused. Thought the kef eggs were supposed to be the business but not everyone seems happy with them, have mixed thoughts about the missions - do they just look good ? And no idea about the Elacs except for one decent review, but with doubts about how loud they are ?

I know I need to demo them all against each other but having difficulty finding somewhere that has them all in to compare.

Any help ??


Ian J

You will get a mixed response with some people liking various of your choices and others claiming the opposite - such is the AV game.

The only consistant point will be that almost everyone will advise you to keep away from Bose.

There are others to consider but what is your maximum budget and can you stretch to the Gallo balls in the powerbuy forum ?


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I am beginning to realise that everyone has their own favourites which is why it's a nightmare !
I don't think I can push the boat out for the Gallo's, max really is £800 (thinking of kefs v bose).
This is still a big jump from the speakers I have now, but it's how much of a jump I need to make to make a difference ?!!


Ian J

With Bose you are paying for the name and the huge marketing cost. Most people like the eggs but the weak point is the sub. One way round that is to buy the five eggs and a better sub.

For £800 I would suggest five eggs plus a Velodyne CGT-10.

Others will no doubt advise differently but such is life.


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I always thought BOSE equipment was good :eek:

Im really pleased with my Mission 700 speakers. Small, budget speakers but they don't half kick :)

Shame that ive almost blown them (twice) :D


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There's a similiar thread posted by azzo , I would say what I said in that, consider buying the Gallos in sections rather than all in one go or look out for the JMLab Sib and Cub set-up (£830 in total).


Check out the AADs.
You could either go with the E30s (£80 each) all round with a sub or with the E44s for the fronts.
Reviews seem to be very good

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